About Us

ECOpack design studio has been operating since 1999, offering a wide range of activities.Cooperating with both Armenian and foreign organizations (Russia, France, Belgium, Holland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Canada, etc.) we can surely say that ECOpack is one of the leaders in its field.

We offer our customers high-quality service in the business sector helping them from branding up to the acquisition of the appropriate equipment for the business. Our team listens to every customer's request with great pleasure and actualizes it by focusing on exclusivity. We help our customers even out of our services because ECOpack cooperates with a number of organizations who can help our customers through us.

Services that we provide are: Branding, Graphic Design, Logo creation, Industrial Design, Editorial Design, Rebranding, Creating exclusive boxes. Sale of industrial equipment. Production startup support.

We help different organizations and brands to find their unique style on the market.

Our Partners