Design studio "ECOpack"

Who are we? What we do and what we can offer?

The design studio has its origins in 1999. Come a long way and gaining more experience in the field of design has become one of the leading design studios in Armenia. More than 95% of customers leave us satisfied and returned (the rest is lost on the way malformed business) are returned because we have a sense of duty and a friendly personal approach to all clients present.

We respect their business, and they trust us!

Our work is consists in to find the most practical, original and interesting ways of solving the tasks of the client, while underlining all advantages of their production.

Our main lines:
designs related to printing: label design, packaging & box design, catalog, poster, booklet design etc.; logotypes, trademarks and corporate identities design; box and packing drawings; making clip art ( mostly in vector format ) as to order, and all the parts in the design ( if the design need it ).

Canned food TopSun Mayonnaise & Ketchup Master Vkusa Fruit pastilles Natural Products Giuseppe Choco Chir Cacao Dilijan Frolova Jams Crostino A bottle of brandy "Tavinko" Compote Zov Jur Fruttomix Nectar Sokovit "AKA Group"

You can see examples of our work and read more about our services on "What to do?" and "Design Samples" pages.