What we do and what we can offer?

   In this section, we suggest you get acquainted with the services of our studio. Learn about in which directions we work and what jobs are ready to perform at a high professional level. We specialize in graphic design, industrial design, web design and a series of related services. Our services cover all creative and technical steps of creating projects.

1. Development of corporate identity, logo
2. Package design, label design, box design
3. Drawings of packages, boxes, etc.  Making sample
4. Design posters, brochures, catalogs and calendars
5. Design and production websites
6. The design of glass and PET bottles (containers)
7. Cliparts under the order (vector and bitmap)
8. Outdoor advertising
9. Industrial Design

    And also:
Prepress for offset, flexo and silk-screen printing.

Master Vkusa Canned food TopSun Fruit pastilles A bottle of brandy "Tavinko" Natural Products Jams Giuseppe Crostino Compote Fruttomix Cocoa Zov Jur Label design Glass bottle with a heat shrink